Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Breaststroke articles and explanations

Breaststroke Breakthrough - Terry Laughlin. This article is a bit dated; circa 1999. I believe breaststroke has gone through some more changes excluding the new dolphin kick turn. Lots of step-by-step photos here. [Link]

Here is the most in depth article I have ever seen on a particular stroke. It has several videos, illustrations, measurements, statistics, charts and a detailed bibliography. It's called: Diagnosing and Estimating the Best Breaststroke Style for each Swimmer Based on Physical Characteristics -- K.U.Leuven. [Link]

Here is a Science related article about the breaststroke, A new index of flat breaststroke propulsion: A comparison of elite men and women. Guess what? Men are faster in a sprint. [Link]

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