Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Manaudou soap opera continues: "Manaudou Wants Marin's Baby"

Now it's getting multinational in that Italy can't or won't train her unless... Snippet from Swim News:
  • Marin's coach and Italian head coach Alberto Castagnetti, one of the world's leading swim mentors for many years, has already ruled out adding Manaudou to his charges and has called on common sense to prevail. "Our federation categorically wants to avoid any problems with the French federation and I am totally in agreement with that," he said. "If on the other hand Manaudou takes Italian nationality, that would be different." [Link]
Remember that Manadou is the French swimmer that broke Janet Evans' 400m record so she is considered a French national asset.

This "soap opera" is like Romeo and Juliet, The Hatfields' and the McCoys', and Tristan and Isolde all within a lane line.

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