Saturday, May 19, 2007

Here is nice steamling video with a fancy graph to make it look important.


ogged said...

That was a little strange. It would be interesting to keep measuring speed after he starts stroking, so we can get an idea of when it's best to come of the glide.

Tony Austin said...

That is a tough call, the trick is to maintain momentum so probably at the second peak for this guy of the grak for this guy. Note there is no underwater kick either.

Budd said...

Hey…thanks for the post. Here are a couple of cool features of this video briefly explained. This video demonstrates two important components about the drag forces associated with water. You will notice that the instant the swimmers feet loose contact with the wall, velocity immediately begins to decline very quickly. (exponentially) The next feature is based on the mean swimming speed of the swimmer. You can use the curve to precisely find the velocity/time from the wall where the breakout should occur, so you can begin swimming at the intersection of your mean swimming speed and place on the curve where that speed occurs. The goal being to not spend any time below your mean swimming speed by gliding to far from the wall. Budd

Tony Austin said...

Bud, Why don't you post this to Bright Cove so it looks nicer, include this paragraph and and further info and I will repost it. Please include data as to why this helps a swimmer and how he/she cn use it.


Budd said...

Hey Tony...I am leaving another post because it doesn't look like the one I did this morning went through.

Thanks for the tip about the Bright Cove video web site. The videos are much better for sure. It only allows 250 characters, so I couldn't do a very indepth description about the video like you suggested.

Anyway...I also thought you might want to know that Mike Keeler from the Univ. of San Diego is trying to line a testing session at the end of June/early July. If you thought members from your club might be interested in getting tested, I could add some additional time. Let me know if think that's possible.

Again...thanks for the post... Budd