Saturday, May 19, 2007

A swim suit designed to enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim female.

The featured suit can be purchased here:

If you asked a person in Iran or Pakistan what they thought of American culture you may get a shrill or perhaps an accurate critique depending on your point of view. If you ask a French national what they thought of cultures that endorse female circumcision, you would get definitely get an ear-full and rightfully so from my point of view as well.

To the right of this paragraph is a swim suit from which is "...designed with the respect of Islamic values and aimed to enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim female. ..." [Link]

To my untrained eye regarding Islamic tradition and/or law, I see no reason why a swimmer from an Islamic country cannot wear a full-bodied speed suit, goggles, and a cap and still maintain their Islamic traditions or values. In my opinion these suits look perilous in water that is deeper than shoulder high.

I found this suit on page 7 at the blog: The Muslim Woman


Burqini said...

The Burqini can be bought online from:

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Tony Austin said...

I have featured your website within the article itself. Was my article polite enough? When I reread it, a couple things bothered me about it. I hope I didn't come off as crass?

Would a speedsuit, cap and goggles be acceptable to Muslim culture?

Anonymous said...

Actually, to some muslim women, the speed suit would be too tight. That is why these looser suits were developed.

Tony Austin said...

I see, I understand, and I now respect that. I am just concerned about women drowning with so much material around them.

Modestkini said...

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