Friday, May 18, 2007

Michael Phelps, his 4x100 relay team, and perhaps Eamon Sullivan are not "morning people"?

(That's Eamon Sullivan above.) In Beijing next summer, NBC talked China into having the final heats for all the swimming events to be held in the morning so that people in the US and Canada can see the results in real time.

Well, when the world got word of this they were not amused. Australian swimmers complained such as Thorpe and Lenton, European swimmers chimed in as well but Michael Phelps made his intentions known by taking NBC's side:

"If you make the Olympic team and you can't come and be ready to swim in the morning, if you can't get excited to do that, give your spot to someone else." [Link]. You can see these posts I made about the controversy here. [Link]

So, it's now 2007 and now swim meets all over the world are having heats in the morning to prepare their athletes and it appears that some athletes are not quite morning people yet.

This Swim News article states that in a meet down under, The Telstra Grand Prix in Brisbane, sprinter Eamon Sulivan false-started after swiming a 50.15 in a preceding heat before. [Link]

Michael Phelps had mixed results logging two wins and placing 2nd in the 4x100 free. [Link]

I just had a strange thought that appeared out of nowhere: "Captain Kirk" was the first blogger.

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