Friday, May 11, 2007

Philippe Lucas, Laure Manaudou's former coach, insults Italy, Manaudou, and a Dutch football team in one breath

Philippe Lucas coached Manaudou and made her the champion that she is. He deserves that credit utterly and completely. However, his histrionic rants regarding Laure Manaudou's integrity and the ethical nature of Italian doctors borders upon the irrational. Snippet from Swim News:
  • In comments that will go down like a lead balloon in Turin, Lucas, asked by L'Equipe if he was worried for his former charge, he said: "Frankly? It drives me mad. I'm worried for one sole reason: ethics. Laure has always been a self-conscious girl. And there (in Turin), at the medical level, there's an air of danger when ... you see the doctors who will be watching over her (the French newspaper then places in parenthesis the words 'the old medicine of the football club Juventus'). The structure is unclear. We can't tell where this will lead her. She doesn't even know herself who will coach her. That's alarming!" [Link]
Manaudou's comments were more measured reassuring the public she wasweight training and swimming and that all was good.

My money is still on Kate Ziegler due to all of this drama surrounding her.


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