Friday, May 11, 2007

Was on jury duty today hence the lack of postings

Forty-eight jurors were called into the court room with I being one of them and then the process of selecting twelve jurors and three alternate jurors began. It's astonishing to me what people will enter into the public record to get out of jury duty. Today three people admitted they were racist, two admitted they couldn't understand English despite an amazing vocabulary, and at least 4 people said that it is perfectly acceptable to slug someone if a conversation goes bad. I suspect none of the people mentioned above believed a single word they said yet they all got dismissed. I hope one of them tries to run for congress someday and this public record gets outed.

As each crowd of liars was dismissed I wanted to stand up and shout to Judge Stone of the Beverly Hills Court and all the lawyers therein, "Dude, you guys deal with liars all day long and these guys were the worst set of actors I have ever seen. Don't let them get away with this bologna!" But then they would call another 6 people from our pod of jurors and each time I barely missed getting picked as a replacement. By the end of the day they had their jury set and I along with 10 people left from our pool of forty-eight potential jurors were allowed to go home.

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