Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Swimming World: Pair of Masters Relay Records Set by Team TYR

Swimming World has the article but we have the video of the 800 SCY Freestyle Relay Record! It is the very last swim featured on the video below. Here is a write up about the national records they set: [Link]

I have never set a record; have you? Must be profoundly exhilarating. :-)

In the UCLA Bruins Swim Meet video below, Dan Wegner, Scott Hubbard, Christopher Beach, and Erik Hochstein, in that order are the swimmers.

When I began swimming about three years ago I purchased two swim instruction DVDs: Swimming Faster Freestyle by David Marsh and Eddie Reese on Freestyle. Each DVD featured minor differences in opinion on technique but each had a defined style a swimmer should try and emulate. To Eddie Reese's credit he did mention that you should try to learn the classical form first before experimenting. Sort of like Picasso learning how to paint classically before painting in abstract form.

Each of the swimmers below grab and kick the water differently. To me all of them have created individual freestyle solutions to suit their strengths. Scott Hubbard, the second swimmer, uses his right arm like a "Venician Gondolier" uses a oar for leverage and momentum. Christopher Beach has a very symmetrical stroke and it is very harmonious and graceful; I like his rotation too. Erik Hochstein's kick makes a distinct "thumping noise", He has a long reach and nice glide phase. I bet he could kick a 50 faster than I could swim one.

I now believe that freestyle should not be a "cookie-cutter" type of stroke when one style fits all but rather a stroke that is designed for the particular individual's strengths.

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