Tuesday, May 15, 2007

UCLA Bruins Master Swim Meet Movie


Joel / the17thman said...

Hey! Great Video! And best of all I'm in lane 3 in the 100 butterfly at the start of the tape. You don't see me all that much but I did get to see my time of 1:00.46.

Tony Austin said...

This morning I was looking at the video and went, "I bet that is Joel," and I was going to write you too. You have a really clean butterfly. If looks effortless. Nice race too. :-)

trev said...

GREAT VIDEO! The music is perfect, and the footage is fantastic. Keep up the inspiring work!

Dan Leonard said...


Thanks again for putting together a
great film. I noticed that my work (filming your 50 free race) mostly ended up on the cutting room floor. I'll do a better job
next time. Remember, if you aren't in the frame you're not in the game.

Dan Leonard

Tony Austin said...

Dan, your filming was great, It really was! It was my belly that ended up on the cutting room floor. I have been on a diet for a week now!!!

Tony Austin said...

Trev, thanks, I forgot to give the band credit. "Trentmoller", under your skin. It's on iTunes.

I am using a tripod next time and I may bring a ladder. I am trying to figure out how I can film underwater as well.