Monday, May 14, 2007

'The UCLA Bruins Master Swim Meet' movie is completed and I am now rendering a final version for uploading

Spent all evening on the "title" and "backplate" but the video is finished. As I type this the film is rendering out to a Quicktime file for uploading to both You Tube and Daily Motion. The uploads will take about 2 hours and I will try to have this up before noon tomorrow; emphasis on the word try.

Erratum: There will be only one national record being set on this video since the first was incomplete. Another issue, I refused to put my race in this video but two particular people in my life insisted so I compromised; I am in the video for 2 seconds.

Also, "I PROMISE I WILL USE A TRIPOD NEXT TIME." I am so tired of trying to make chicken poop into chicken soup that I will never shoot a race again with out a tripod. It's not fair to the person your filming who wants to study their technique and it makes me look bad.

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