Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Epic sprint at the Antartic!

This photo is from a Time Magazine photo feature based on a Book funded by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Affairs and photographed by Norbert Wu called, Life Beneath Antartic Ice. [Link]

This photo captures Orcas sprinting "... along a channel which has opened in the ice. They are headed deep into McMurdo Sound, where they hope to find food. They must hurry, however, for wind conditions can cause the channel to freeze again, cutting off the whales' access to air. ..."

Imagine watching killer whales digging deep and swimming for their lives like this? This is the real deal; they are sprinting for their lives. (I would be the third whale in the back, "Okay, Lindsay, you lead and I'll draft.")

The photos in this essay are breathtakingly sublime. Imagine what the book must look like? [Link]

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