Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Erik Vendt turned and burned and went hydro-ballistic in the 1500m

Erik Vendt stormed the 1500m breaking the 15-minute barrier in a time of 14:57.o1. (Did you know that when you break the 15 minute barrier in the 1500m free a very large bubble pops in your wake and nothing but super-heated, hydrogen steam busts out as the oxygen atoms separate from the H2? It's true! I kid you not! Go ask Erik, Larsen or Grant Hackett.

Erik's splits were SICK! his first 50m was a 27+ and he held 30 seconds for each 50 the whole way. The splits were tighter and more precise than Kate Ziegler's. Here is a link to them: [Link]

This swim was a personal best for Erik, thus violating his last personal best set 7 years ago. (For a swimmer, that is like waiting in dog-years!)

Anyway, Larsen Jensen placed second just two seconds later breaking 15 minutes as well.

I think Grant Hackett is potentially in trouble here.

Here is a detailed writeup at Lane 9 News: [Link]

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