Saturday, July 28, 2007

PWS stands for Public Water Supply

Aquafina and Disani are bottled water products from both Pepsi and the Coca-Cola company. Each put the obligatory 'mountain spring' or 'artesian well' to make it more 'swanky' but that 'swank' is nothing more than fiction. Subsequently a pressure group got Aquafina to paste P.W.S. on the bottles to; you know, tell the truth. Now Aquafina will have to play up it's 7-step process in purifying the water rather than location, location, location.

Environmental groups oppose bottled water due to the petrochemicals needed to create the plastic and to ship it out to Kwiki-Marts and grocery stores. Plastic bottles have a poor percentage of being recycled and end up in places that they shouldn't. Such as, oceans, rivers, gutters and all over the rest of creation. These plastic bottles will live as long as a radioactive isotope or nuclear waste hence the bad feelings towards plastics. Consequently, get your water locally from a glass or keep reusing the plastic bottle.

Now, if you really wanted to make some mad bank, screw the the "mountain spring" or P.W.S. bologna. Just bottle the water in glass vessel like a 'prissy' bottle of expensive perfume. Next have a priest bless it and sell it as "Holy Water."

People will drink it by the gallons, they will splash their enemies with it, douse all sorts of products with it such as wooden stakes and babies to silver bullets and mother-in-laws but just remember to hire me to design the labeling.

Here is the link to the Seattle Times about PWS and Aquafina issues: [Link]

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