Sunday, July 29, 2007

Swam Pier-to-Pier with Anthony - Lots of fast swimmers today!

I have never been passed up by so many open water swimmers in a race or otherwise ever in my life. Since the Pier-to-Pier race is next weekend, serious training was going on. I got passed by one guy who must have been holding 1:05s per hundred. Summarily humbling.

Next week 9oo swimmers will take to the water in a free for all swim; (Well, actually not free. It cost us $25 each), and swim 2 miles plus in 70 degree water. My goal is to finish in the top 50%. A fellow SCAQ member who is aiming for the top 50 thinks I will be in top 200. I was flattered when he said that but I don't think so for Pier-to-Pier swimmers are not "suvivorletes". I am aiming low since I won't be allowed to wear a wetsuit but rather the 24/7 suit as Dave Horning calls it that nature gave me.

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