Monday, August 13, 2007

Have you ever had a weekend so bad you couldn't wait for Monday?

What is that cliché? Oh, here it is: "welcome to my world!" If I could have swam everything would have been okay. Hence, I will swim tonight at SMC so all will be gold once again.

Lot's to talk about today, namely all the world records set at Masters Nationals. Here is just a couple that surprised me. From Lane 9 News: [Link]

How about these three?

50 fly: Women's 45-49: Susan Walsh, 45, 29.84 (Angela Zingler, 30.30, 7/6/2001)
Women's 55-59: Laura Val, 56, 31.83 (Laura Val, 32.10, 4/22/2006)

200 free: Men's 50-54: Dan Stephenson, 50, 2:00.34 (Jim McConica, 2:02.50, 8/20/2000)

Mike Freshly, the guy who coined the best swimming quote ever: "Show me a swimmer who is 70 and he will look like 50; Show me a runner who is 70 and he will like like 90!" lost his world record in 200LCM breast to Richard Todd, 65-years-old, who swam a 3:03.47 lowering the record by slightly more than 4-seconds. Freshly has an amazing breaststroke. His biggest asset is his underwater work so this world record by Richard Todd is truly impressive.

USMS Results: [Link]

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Jason said...

World records falling down, falling down, falling down. Watching world records falling down, my fair Masters swimmers.