Monday, August 13, 2007

Naked swimmer found hiding from rescuers

Now here's a "New Yawker" who had this bright idea to go swimming at 9:20 PM last Saturday completely naked and by himself. So, Neal, Mello of Brooklyn goes to the beach, leaves his cell phone and wallet in his pants and ventures out into 3-5 swells and starts swimming. Soon after he is lost and swimming up and down the coast trying to find his pants.

After 40 minutes or so his girlfriend awakes, gets worried that he is missing, gathers up his clothes, LEAVES, and calls the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard immediately springs into action! A swanky helicopter, a few boats and and a full blown search and rescue mission is underway.

So, while this is all happening, Neil apparently finds the beach he left from but he can't find his clothes since his girlfriend went home with them.

So, Neal panics and goes back into the water probably thinking he is at the wrong beach.

At 5:30 AM they find Neil under a pier in Long Island hiding under from the Coast Guard rescuers out the sheer embarrassment of being found stark naked. This pisses the Coast Guard off to no end since they had boats, an expensive helicopter flying five miles off the coast, and the marine police looking for him. Guess who is going to be paying for it? Gothamist: [Link] Men's Health: [Link]

The above photo is of Long Beach, New York, the location where Mr. Mello decided to go swimming. The photo was taken form chschulz's photostream at

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