Thursday, August 02, 2007

I don't know what is more amazing, Michael Phelps, or that 40-year-old, Dara Torres, won the 100m free?

Here is a quote by Michael phelps on pacing his 200m back: “Going into the last 50 I actually knew what the pace was – I knew it was 1:25 flat,” Phelps said. “The thing I wanted to see was a 1:24, so when it said 1:25 I thought, ‘This isn’t good.’ The last 25 I started to tighten up so, I didn’t get [the world record]. ..."

Then there was 40-year-old mom, Dara Torres who beat "...Olympians Amanda Weir (Lawrenceville, Ga.) and Dana Vollmer (Granbury, Tx.) finished second and third, respectively. Weir finished in 54.79 and Vollmer finished in 54.95. ..." An wrap-up [Link]

I think she can win the 50m free this weekend.

The photo to the right is Dara Torres from a masters meet in San Francisco. The photo was taken by By cnjerez who hosts his photos at


trev said...

Wow. She's unbelievable.


"At five months pregnant, she wanted to race again. At eight months, she mentioned the 2008 Olympics. In April 2006, Torres swam and lifted weights on the same day she gave birth to her daughter, Tessa Grace."

Some people just have that elusive "it" built right in! I'm inspired...

Scott said...

I don't think it's a contest at all: Phelps' backstroke is neck-and-neck with with world record holders Peirsol and Lochte; his supremacy in fly is only contested by world record holder Ian Crocker; and in freestyle world record holder Pieter van den Hoogenband has abandoned the 200 to him. Does anyone know what his bests are in breastroke? Should Brendan Hansen be worried? And Torres - anyone reading my blog will be aware of my feelings about what she's done; and the fact she's actually being compared here to Phelps is why I'm so against recognizing her accomplishments.

Scott said...

Hey, that wasn't a rhetorical question. Does anyone know how fast Phelps swim the 100 and 200 breast?

Tony Austin said...

I posted a link to 'Omega Timing' with all the results to both US Nationals an the Paris Open.