Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let's talk about Dara Torres with Scott of 'Canuckswimmer'

On Timed Finals early this year I saw an anonymous post someone made accusing Dara Torres of taking performance enhancing drugs. (I won't link to it since I am mad at Timed Finals.) I subsequently wrote to the editor that he should close the thread because it was getting ugly, but the thread remained opened.

Dara Torres, as you may not know, is a 40-year-old mom making an Olympic comeback. Just yesterday she beat Amanda Weir in the 100 free which I thought could not be possible. Dara has been posting some incredible times lately, times faster than she did when she was in college. She ultimately credits it to modern training techniques which I have to agree is factual because I personally have experience with better coaching and better training techniques as well.

I too am faster now than when I was in high school. My best time in high school was a 1:08+ for the 100 free but this year and last year I have gone under a minute twice in the 100 free thanks to the coaching of Erik Hochstein, Bonnie Adair, Clay Evans, and Dimitriy. She is swimming slightly faster, I am swimming much faster.

Scott of Canuckswimmer thinks otherwise about Dar Torres and he puts up some compelling circumstantial arguments as to why he is suspicious of her achievements.

Inge De Bruijn was subject to the same accusations and she never tested positive, Dara Torres has never tested positive either but Scott, who I respect because he can swim faster and write better than I can has written a three part series with references regarding his suspicions of Dara Torres. It is called:

"I came to praise Dara Torres but intend to leave her drowned"

Part 1: [Link]
Part 2: [Link]
Part 3: [Link]

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Anonymous said...

I am extremely disappointed that you would pay any attention to these false allegations on your blog.
I won't be visiting it again.

Tony Austin said...

Well, I m sorry to hear that. I hope you change your mind.

I hope you understand that my point of view is that she isn't doping but that Scott's point of view is that she is.

nmm said...

....biting my tongue.

Harleys R. Toofuknloud said...

Folks --
do a little easy research. Google all the images of Dara and see how her physique has changed over recent years. No genetic female gets arms or deltoids like that without a little pharmaceutical boost of some kind, no matter how many hours of exercise you put in. Even the Governator had to admit he used supplements. It's just a matter of time before Dara confesses.