Monday, August 13, 2007

Mark Savage, SCAQ swimmer and photgrapher shoots everything!

Mark occasionally misses a workout or two because his swanky publisher Corbis sends him out on the town to chronicle the ridiculous celebrity industrial complex we have out here. One day he got this idea to just set up a tripod with a point-and-shoot video camera on in it and film how silly red carpets shoots are no matter who walks across them. He put the videos on You Tube last week and they are being well received. Something like 1000 hits or more in some cases. What is so fun about his videos is that they reduce these people into looking like dolled up individuals you may see in a super market or at the race track or just like you or me. They are dorky, nervous, and vulnerable all at the same time.

The Paris Hilton one is my favorite. watch her make $50k by just pretending to be Paris Hilton as she stops and poses for about 15 seconds. [Link]

Mark has many websites for he shoots anybody and everything. Weddings, Celebrities, even me when I broke a minute in the 100 SCY free at Mission Viejo :-D

In this particular case this website features poets of Los Angeles: [Link]


trev said...

Yuck -- a messy but necessary part of the job.

Those photos are awesome.

LBG said...

Nice profile of a SCAQer. ;-)