Friday, August 24, 2007

Rebecca Soni is back on my radar

Chiba, Japan: Rebecca Soni swam a 2:23.36 versus Liesel Jones 2:21.45 which is pretty darn fast at this time of year. Libby Lenton swam a sub 25 for the 50m free as well.

Seiko has the results for the Chiba meet here: [Link]

I yanked this photo from the USA Swimming website. Hopefully copyright ninjas from the Wasserman Media Group don't come after me. Connected to this photo is an interview with her as well: [Link]

1 comment:

Michael B said...

I really like her chances in the 200
in Beijing. She trains with the
distance group at USC, and she never
seems to die. USC/Trojan SC is loaded with the best Breastrokers in the country:
Soni, Hehn, Hardy, and Beard.