Saturday, August 25, 2007

A 15-year-old beat Libby Lenton in the 50m free in a time of 24.48

Her name is Cate Campbell - AUS, and if she can beat Libby Lenton -AUS, she can beat Dara Torres, and if she can beat Dara Torres, she can beat our patron saint, Natalie Coughlin. Yikes! [Link], [more Link]

Keep your eye on her; I know all of the above will. In the photo above, she is featured on the left after winning a silver in the 100m free. Libby Lenton is in the middle and Zhu Yingwen - CHN on the far right.

This wonderful photo of Cate Campbell came from atrip's photoset on Here is a direct link to the photo above: [Link]

Just a closing thought, note the yellow Nike logo on the red pants of Zhu Yingwen. Maybe I use the word irony to much; (well, actually I do), but to witness a prominent capitalistic logo featured in communist colors overtly displayed upon a team uniform is surreal to me. I

It appears Nike will be anything to anybody so as to sell shoes and clothes. The Chinese government appears to be a slow meandering process so as not to lose face that the Communist Manifesto; though it looks great on paper, does not work as an economic platform.


Daniel Slosberg said...

I checked out atrip's photos and came across another that might interest you: North Pole Swimmer. One of your previous posts indicates that you think Lewis Gordon Pugh is a doofus, but you still might like the picture.

Wendy said...

Of course Nike also subcontracts manufacturing to companies in China. A half a million people work for the 490 companies that contract for Nike throughout Asia, although doesn't specify how many of those are in China.

Tony Austin said...

Hi Daniel, it appears atrip has been lifting photos from AP and others and posting them to his Flickr site. I assumed the picture was his rather than his collection of AP photos.

I use flickr now instead of deep linking so that I don't have to worry about defending the deep linking of web photos in court in case some photographer feels abused. Though I feel deep linking is okay,I just don't want the headache.

I am thinking of buying photos from AP or Getty next year for the Olympics. To do that I may have to place ads on the blog but there is always Flickr and that is why I have been trying them out.

Tony Austin said...

WOW! 490 plants. That is like describing how many miles a light year is.

It is incomprehensible to consider how much production that is.

1000 years ago you were either royalty, clergy, or peasant. Today in China you are either Government, management, or sweat-shop worker or peasant.

Daniel Slosberg said...

> it appears atrip has been lifting photos
> from AP and others....

When I first saw his photostream, I thought, "wow, this fellow is really well-traveled -- what a lucky guy."

Then I noticed the attributions. Kind of strange.

A friend of mine -- the genuine, honest-to-goodness photographer Ron Levy -- has taken some water-oriented shots you might like. This bird is the photo he's best known for. This wet moose is my favorite. There are more at his home page.