Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some new sea monsters were found about 2700 meters deep

Don't worry, Tokyo is safe but isn't that glass looking creature pictured above exceptionally creepy? It's like part flea and part crab. Like a horrible STD nightmare.

Live Science
has an article entitled: "Colorful Carpet of Cool Sea Creatures Discovered 2 Miles Deep"; (I swear to God that is the title). Written
By Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience staff writer. Snippet: "...The finds were made by a team of 31 scientists during a five-week expedition to explore life along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge using remotely operated vehicles equipped with digital cameras and other technologies...."

The new species of Ostracod, freak me out the most. They look like brains swimming around in glass jars.

This squid looks like it has a fish in it's head acting as it's "pilot" but the jewel squid, looks like a piece of Victorian "bling-bling."

The bottom of the ocean is like a mad scientist's laboratory. [Link]

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