Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well That Shows Mao, huh!

I am copy/pasting the snippet below from BeijingWideOpen. Here is the exact link to the post: [Link]

"... And there’s no shortage of information to share and talk about. The most amazing development since my last post is that Ai Wei Wei, one of China’s most celebrated artists and the designer of the Bird’s Nest, has come out against Beijing’s Olympics. In this unbelievably damning report from Al Jazeera posted on YouTube, Ai Wei Wei says that the Olympics don’t represent the true face of China and he wants nothing more to do with them anymore. ..."

Here is an actual photo of the "Bird's Nest" below:

Lane 9 News dug up a fascinating study from a news report from the China View that the "Bird's Nest" may be susceptible to lightening strikes. Now wouldn't that suck?!

"... In an academic paper submitted Thursday to the ongoing 13th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, Guo Hu, head of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory (BMO), and his fellow researcher Xiong Yajun concluded, after studying the 11-year lightning disaster data from 1995 to 2005, that Haidian District was the area most seriously affected by lightning disasters. ..."
Lane 9 News [Link] China View [Link]

In architectural design, function MUST come before aesthetics! I know that is very "Atlas Shrugged" of me but it is especially true in this case where you could have "two-kadrillion" volts dancing around the stadium like Pac-Man. The concept of being "vaporized" is quite scary.

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