Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ABC News Profile of Dara Torres

Dara Torres profiled here with some meet videos and underwater stuff as well. Her freestyle technique is very graceful to watch and she has a great pull. To my eye she has both the flexibility and reaction time of an 18-year-old which adds even more equity to her swims.

I gotta start doing yoga. I am about as flexible as welded rebar submerged in a slab of concrete. That is going to change.

If she makes the Olympic team, which looks pretty promising, Dara will be the media focal point of the womens team.


Anonymous said...

for that flexibility she does something pretty unique - it's called Resistance Stretching with Innovative Body Solutions- check it out:

Tony Austin said...

Ok, I pimped your link, but I wish you wouldn't have posted anonymously.

I posted it because in the "About Us" section of the site, it includes stretching exercises pro bono with photos etc. That is good enough for me to do a blog post about it.

Perhaps you're really Dara Tores, her rep, or somebody working for the link I pimped? I don't know, the context of your identity would have helped. Anytime someone posts anonymously with a link I usually reject it. I did it once this morning all ready for an abs exercise site.

And if you are Dara Torres, do you know how much sh*t I got for linking to Scott at Cannuck Swimmer over his assumptions you are doping? I got 2-half-hour phone calls from the same person, f-you mail, and cold shoulders. Consider the link and the upcoming blog post a favor. And I am still keeping Cannuck Swimmer in my link list.

_trevr said...

I think Dara Torres is a beast of an athlete and person. Her focus and dedication is stunning... I don't believe she's doping, though I can understand those who suspect it. I'm especially intrigued by her stretching routine... There are whole articles about it all over the internet.