Thursday, March 06, 2008

Zena Holloway under water photography

I'm in a meeting right now bored as hell so I surfed over to and found this blissful image posted by "Professor D"to lighten my mood. Heck, why look a PowerPoint of some telecom graphics that I have to alter when I can look at Zena Holloway's aquatic related art. [Link]

(I can multi-task like this since they are going over the same 30-seconds 60 times in a row.)

Here is a tip for any female swimmer thinking of posing nude for a kajillion-bucks or Euros: Get photos like these done and sell them for either an exclusive or as signed art prints and perhaps even a book. It would thereby take the "trash out of the cash" to produce such a worthy product as these.


nm said...

Don't know 'bout the underwater nude shots...ahem...haven't attempted any....but this pic reminds me of dreams I have in which I'm able to breathe underwater.

Tony Austin said...

I so like those dreams you have!!!! I n my dreams I fly threw the air by running really fast and then breaking into a freestyle stroke.

Anonymous said...

I love this image. It is the level I hope to achieve someday.

Janelle L.

Tony Austin said...

Please send in some of your stuff or send me a link. :-)