Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amaury Leveaux (switches suits and) just misses Eamon Sullivan's 50m free world record by .1 of a second!

From Lane 9 News: "... Leveaux shocked the world as he finished just .1 seconds off Eamon Sullivan's world record time of 21.28 with a 21.38 during finals to usurp Alain Bernard's title as the Fastest Man in Europe. Leveaux's effort smashed Bernard's continental and national record of 21.50 set last month, which was the fastest ever at the time. Bernard, meanwhile, placed second in 21.69, while Fred Bousquet missed an Olympic spot with a time of 21.72. ..." [Link]

From the TYR website: "... At the French Olympic Trials Amaury Leveaux broke the European National Record in the 50m Freestyle and recorded the 2nd Fastest Time in History wearing TYR's latest generation swimsuit technology Tracer Rise. Amaury clocked in an astonishing fast time of 21.38, .1 shy of the World Record. ...

Amaury Leveaux is the first and only swimmer in history to swim under 22 seconds in the 50m Freestyle (LC) and swim under 1:47 in the 200m Freestyle (LC). Wearing TYR Tracer Rise, Amaury recorded his fast speed of 1:46:54 in the 200m Freestyle (4-21-08) and 21.38 in the 50m Freestyle (4-26-08) at the 2008 French Olympic Trials. ..."[Link]

Leveaux switched suit brands deciding to race in a TYR Tracer Rise rather than an Arena Powerskin R-Evolution. TYR just sent me this and boy is my face red: "...I read your blog today and I wanted to provide clarification that Amaury Leveaux has worn the TYR Tracer Rise for the entire French Olympic Trials including when he made his record swims in the 50m Freestyle and 200m Freestyle. Our team is on deck, so I am confident in this fact. Amaury Leveaux is a TYR sponsored athlete and has been for many years. ..."

Are these reduced times the result of "tech doping" or "placebo doping?" I wish Mythbusters would do a show on it.

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