Saturday, April 26, 2008

What do Cesar Cielo and Cullen Jones have in common? Cullen Jones to train with David Marsh

An anonymous reader pointed that out that: Cesar Cielo's sprint coach at Auburn is Brett Hawke. Confirmed at David Marsh was the head coach while Cielo swam at Auburn but Marsh has recently left to join the Mecklenburg Aquatic Club as their new director.

I read that Cullen Jones is training now with David Marsh at "...Cullen's call came as a bit of surprise," Marsh told by phone last week from the short course world championships in England. "But his willingness to make a shift indicates that he understands the urgency and total motivation needed for us to push to make the U.S. team. ..."

Marsh had this to say: "... "He needs to get substantially faster and there are several ways to do it," Marsh said. "First, we have to connect his strength to his swimming strength. There's vertical strength [Jones' has a 35-inch vertical leap] and prone strength and we have to apply the vertical to water. Second - the starts. There's always hundredths of a second to find there. Third - race strategy. And fourth - probably most important, his focus and confidence when he steps on the blocks." ..."


Anonymous said...

Dear friend, Cesar Cielo swim with Brett Hawke at Auburn. Actually, Marsh never was his coach, even during Auburn Marsh's time, Cielo has been training under Hawke.

Tony Austin said...

You're absolutely right. Thank you for the correction.

David Marsh was the head Coach Auburn Brett Hawke is the sprint coach.

Two screw-ups in one night! Sheesh!