Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am waching 'Go Swim: Freestyle with Kara Lynn Joyce' and I am both impressed and inspired.

I purchased this video last eek and it arrived in a timely manner. The most important part of any swim DVD is the presentation. For me, the more views and slow-motion the better. Most Swim DVDs present their work from the side and the front whereas this DVD presents a lot of 3/4 views from different angles such as above and below the surface. I love the underwater stuff.

As for the content, I would say that this DVD is designed for the beginning-intermediate to advanced swimmer. The primary focal point from Kara Lynn Joyce's point of view is symmetry and balance. (Watching her sprint is like viewing like a watch mechanism. (See the video above)

She brings something up that I have never really addressed in my own freestyle and that is the subject of balance. I like her thoughts on upper arm placement during the catch, the breath and head placement and I am going to swim with those ideas in mind.

I have a meet tomorrow and I wish I would have received this video a week ago. [Link]

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