Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dara Torres HOOKED ME UP! - Is this cool or what?

Out of all the products that Dara Torres endorses, this one looks the most interesting. I made this post last September and I have been meaning to check it out myself :

I got a comment on my ABC NEWS video-profile of Dara Torres from someone posting anonymously. They enclosed a suspicious link but upon investigation it appears to be a pretty decent site. I had noted that Dara Torres looked amazingly flexible and the poster commented that it was all about Innovative Body Solutions.

I went to the site and I found some pretty useful information in the About US section. There they have photo illustrations and several paragraphs of a couple of important stretches as to how they are done safely and correctly. See the picture to the right. More stretches here [Link]

Here is a 'Dara centric page' in the About Us section with links to videos and audio reports of her swimming and stretching as well. [Link]


trev said...

WOW! Did she send that to you? I am INCREDIBLY jealous... Go Dara!

Tony Austin said...

Anthony raced her in a celebrity and tri-team. He got one for both the both of us. :-)

RussMill said...

Hi, Tony

I am totally amazed by Dara Torres. I am 35, and she made me forget my age and redefine my fitness goals.

I was wondering where you got this toyota poster with Dara? Is there any way to buy one? If not, do you have a high-resolution scan of it?

I wanna hang this poster in my home gym.


Tony Austin said...

Dara signed a postcard for me. It's not a poster. My open water buddy, Anthony Cistaro, was doing a celebrity race in Florida with her and he mentioned my blog and I think she may have seen it so she signed a promotional postcard for me. Isn't that cool?


RussMill said...

Tony, would it be possible for you to scan this poster at 600 dpi? I can blow it up and print at OfficeMax.

If it's too much of a hussle for you, that's ok.