Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grant Hacket is 'amped up' for the Sunday's 10km Open Water Championships in Seville, Spain!

I think these are the most enthusiastic quotes from Hackett that I have read regarding an upcoming race. Last Olympics it was all about his "partially collapsed lung" but today it's phrases like:

"I think this is more my forte than some of the events I have had success in before."

"People have seen me swim 200m but this is an opportunity for people like me to show our aerobic capacity

"There are a lot of other competitors who know this event a lot better than me but I have been working with Ky on a strategy," Hackett said. [Link]

Here is an article from last December talking up how well he can do in this event: [Link]

I will honestly be more impressed with Grant Hackett than I am with Ian Thorpe if Hackett can win in both the 1500 and the open water races. I would find it summarily acceptable for anyone to use the names Michael Phelps, Grant Hackett and Mark Spitz in the same sentence when discussing the best male freestyle swimmers to ever swim on this earth.

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