Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Steven Munatones talks up his open water picks

Steven Munatones in this About.com article picks his top ten men and woman for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in Seville, Spain on May 3rd.

He is favoring Grant Hackett over Vladimir Dyatchin and Thomas Lurz and he also provides his reasons why. He was very generous with his US woman's picks and though I hope he is right, I suspect that Edith van Dijk of the Netherlands will do much better than 9th place; especially if her goggles don't get torn off her face like they did last time. I'm thinking 3rd for her.

Micha Burden should do better than 5th if she doesn't piss anybody off and get another rib broken. (These girls think they are playing hockey or something. It reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield joke: I went to a boxing match and hockey game broke out!) [Link]


AI said...

I didn't know Grant Hackett does open water events!

Tony Austin said...

I believe that Seville, Spain will be his second race.

Tony Austin said...

I believe that Seville, Spain will be his second race.

Charlie said...

What I find most bizarre about that article is when it says "life experience (mother of a 2/4-year-old) Angela Maurer & Edith van Dijk. Not exactly sure how that hepls with open water swimming. Maybe they having long and painful labor helps?!?

Tony Austin said...

Here is a wiki page on Edith van Dijk:

The author could of just said that her resume alone makes her a contender. Perhpas he was hinting that older open water swimmers do better.