Friday, May 02, 2008

A suave Frenchman who wears plastic and rubber clothes: HE FIGHTS CRIME!

Seriously, he does! Alain Bernard, French sprinter who held the world record in the 50 free for a short time has joined the military police: "... PARIS (AFP) — French Olympic swimming hopeful Alain Bernard, who broke three world records and won two titles at the European championships in March, has joined the French military police, the central administration for the national gendarmerie (DGGN) confirmed on Friday...."

"...Gendarmes in France are paramilitary personnel who carry out police duties among the civilian population.

Some 90 positions are reserved in the armed forces for top level sports stars, of which 18 are in the gendarmerie, which allows athletes to continue their sporting careers in the best conditions...." [Link]

Here is a link that allows you to steal story ideas for bad, "they fight crime!," television cop shows. Just click the "try Again" link if the cop show idea does not tickle your fancy. [Link]

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Amarins Doevendans said...

That's cool. I'm also with the militairy police but for the Dutch army.

I saw him swimming in Eindhoven and maybe I'll see him in Warendorff next year for the military world swimming championships.