Saturday, May 03, 2008

Today was the women's portion of the 10K FINA Open Water World Championships

Larisa Ilchenko of Russia wins again to remain undefeated! Amputee Du Toit of South Africa is fourth - Steve Munatones has an excellent report over at Lane 9 News: [Link]

The Guardian has this report: [Link]
The Glob-and-Mail: [Link]

Above are British swimmers Cassandra Patten and Keri-Anne Payne having some sort of conference with one another. Here is a BBC News report: [Link]

With bridges as spotting targets, I bet this was a lot easier than an ocean swim hence they were a lot of surprises in the final results. [Link]

Though one of my favorites, Edith Van Dijk, will go to Olympics. Top American finisher, Kirsten Groom and Micha Burden did not fair to well in the standings which now makes it really complicated. I thought Chloe Sutton automatically gets to go but I think it is much more involved. I got an email that a test event of some kind may determine who gets go and that test event may only allow one swimmer instead of two to represent the United States. I am looking for a reference to see how it works. (Paging, Steve Munatones! White courtesy telephone please!)

Partial results copy/pasted this from Swimming World:

1) Larisa Ilchenko (Russia): 2:o2:2.70 - qualified for Beijing
2) Cassandra Patten (Great Britain): 2:02:05.8 - qualified for Beijing
3) Yurema Requena (Spain): 2:02:07.2 - qualified for Beijing
4) Natalie du Toit (South Africa): 2:02:07.8 - qualified for Beijing
5) Jana Pechanova (Czech Republic): 2:01:12.6 - qualified for Beijing
6) Poliana Okimoto (Brazil): 2:02:13.5 - qualified for Beijing
7) Angela Maurer (Germany): 2:02:13.6 - qualified for Beijing
8) Keri-Ann Payne (Great Britain): 2:02:14.1 - qualified for Beijing
9) Aurelie Muller (France): 2:02:14.2 - qualified for Beijing
10) Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil): 2:02:16.3 - qualified for Beijing
11) Edith van Dijk (Netherlands): 2:02:18.6 - qualified for Beijing, top European finisher
12) Yanqiao Fang (China): 2:02:23.3 - qualified for Beijing as top Asian continental finisher

17) Andreina Pinto (Venezuela): 2:02:39.8 (37.1 seconds behind) - qualified for Beijing Americas continental finisher

25) Melissa Gorman (Australia): 2:03:18.4 (1:15.7 behind) - qualified for Beijing as top Oceania continental finisher


Anonymous said...

Lets hope Sutton gets a chance she deserves it! She should go to the test event.

Tony Austin said...

Where is USA Swimming in all of this? They should have owned the process from the start. From my untrained view it appears FINA ran the show.