Monday, June 09, 2008

Cullen Jones is getting faster - Just go ask Cesar Cielo.

From the Charlotte Observer: "...Former N.C. State star Cullen Jones set a meet record in winning his second event and Kelsey Ditto and South Africa's Troy Prinsloo also became multi-event winners Sunday during the final day of the Charlotte UltraSwim.

Jones, who won a gold medal with the U.S. team in the men's 400-meter freestyle relay at the 2007 World Championships, bettered the meet record in winning the 100 freestyle at the Mecklenburg Aquatic Center.

Jones, who won the 50 freestyle Saturday, won Sunday in 49.37 seconds -- bettering the mark of 49.57 set last year by Cesar Cielo. ..."


Anonymous said...

ya but a 49 mid last year was totally different than a 49 mid this year

JC said...

Jones' move to Marsh was a good one but it would have been better had he done it last fall rather than at the last minute. He's a great talent but there are around at least seven guys (Hall, Adrian, Weber-Gale, Grevers, Wildman-Tobriner, Jones, Leazak) who have the talent to make it in the fifty, which means four or five guys will be left out in the cold. Of course, they take six guys in the 100, but the list of potentials there is even larger and includes Phelps, Lochte, Walters, and Vanderkaay as well.

Tony Austin said...

Ultimately I see the value in both criticisms. The 50 free will be a tragic opera at Olympic trials. Making the team will be harder than winning a gold medal

m said...

Making the US team in the men's 50 will be very, very tough but it won't be tougher than winning a gold medal. I'm pretty sure Misters Bernard, Lemaux, Cielo, Dranjha, (Can't spell his name to save my life!) Nystrand and Sulivan will have something to say about who wins gold! Plus, didn't some Russian kid go 21 at their trails? And Roland Schoeman hasn't retired quite yet... And Zandeberg, his teammate, is pretty quick, too... I think it'll take 21.9, at least, to make top 8 in Beijing.

Tony Austin said...

You forgot Magnini. ;-)

I have this prejudicial bias that Sullivan and Alain Bernard have peaked to early. Cielo is quite a swimmer but Tobriner has beaten him before especially when it counted at World Championships.

Nystrand is blast to watch but he too was beaten by Tobriner and Jones.

Gary hall is swimming low 22s right now, so he really is a longshot.

I understand that the Russians have finally implemented an anti doping agency just this year so hopefully that Russina kid's swim will be vetted.