Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lots of yellow flags and "20 other guys fighting for the Olympics"

Steve Munatones has the play-by-play of the men's 10k open water qualifier in Beijing. If you go to his Twitter page, start from the bottom of the page and read the posts in consecutive order. It makes it more exciting. [Link]

Here is the Swimming World recap for the Men's race" [Link]

He also has a recap article with some quotes from Chloe Sutton regarding her 10k win yesterday at Swimming World here: [Link]

I am off to a swim meet this morning in Mission Viejo so more posts will come tonight.


cruzatte said...

Did you see Sutton's splits (via the Swimming World article): 30:40, 30:37, 30:38? It's one thing to even split a 1500. But a 10K? That's absolutely amazing. What a swim!

Tony Austin said...

I noticed that too. It was Ziegler-esque times 7!