Sunday, June 01, 2008

Never swim a 100 LCM like a 100 SCY! - Guess how I learned that?

Above is a picture of Jenny owning everybody in her heat during the 400 200 IM at the Mission Viejo Nadadores meet today. (Click on it to enlarge it.)

Though she owned in the 400 200 IM, I was barely able to hold her off in the 100 free. I swam a 108.23 and she she swam a 1:08.57. It was close; I saw her in the corner of my eye the whole race and if the race would have been 1 meter longer I would have lost.

Though my time wasn't that great, I had a good dive, I heard my splash first and did four clean dolphin kicks within clean, blue, water. Totally yummy!

I really failed in the last 15 meters because I didn't breathe enough early on. Taking lots of breaths during the first 50 is like depositing "oxygen" in the "bank" for later "withdrawal" during the last 25 meters. (Erik Hochstein has warned me about that I think Clay came up with the metaphor but I summarily ignored them both. My bad!)


Jen Bronson said...

I still think 9 would of been a great 100 Free time! Great shot! That race is actually the 200IM. I once wanted to swim 400IM LCM till the end of the fly on that race. Great meet! See you on deck. :-)


Trev said...

All told, it sounds like a good swim, actually! I'm jealous...

Tony Austin said...

You would OWN your age group if you did, Trev; but could you beat me! Hmmm?

Yes, I think so!

Chris W. said...

I wish I could have joined you in your pain over that last 15 meters! Sounds like you were happy with your swim, good job!