Monday, June 02, 2008

TYR is having a factory sale - Big discounts in Huntington Beach next eekend!

For those who live in Southern California, what a great opportunity to load up on goggles and suits for the fall and winter. I myself will be picking up a bunch of TYR Fusion IIs and some Metalized Velocity goggles. (I get no compensation, discount or reward for posting this.)


Nancy said...

Hey Tony, I'm a size 32. Don't forget about me when you are down in Huntington Beach, ok? ;-)

Tony Austin said...

I am going to try and talk them into selling me a Tracer Light or Rise. :-)

I am going down Saturday Morning. I can't make it on Friday. I will get you a suit. And if the deals are really good, i will get you a TYR Fusion II.

cruzatte said...

Thanks for posting this, Tony. I happen to be working in Huntington Beach on Friday morning, and I've always wanted one of them new-fangled suits. Looks like this might be my chance.