Tuesday, June 03, 2008

TYR Tent Sale: I have good news!

Anybody that is going to the TYR sale will not only save up to 75%-off but if you print out the flyer above and bring it with you to the sale, you will save an additional 10% on top of that. If you forget, you can sign up at the tent sale for the discount by registering for email updates. Do so, it keeps you filled in on sales and swim results.

This is very nice of TYR to do and I want to make it clear that they extraordinarily supportive of Southern California swimming whether it be college, masters or club. Keep that in mind when you buy a speedsuit!

And speaking of Speedsuits, I am hopeful I will be able to see TYR's latest offering. I am hearing that the Tracer Rise is durable whereas the Speedo LZR can only be worn for 6-10 races before it stretches out.

(I receive no monetary compensation and/or gifts or favors in promoting this tent sale.)

1 comment:

nm said...

Damn. Looks like I'll miss it....by a few hundred miles.

I've always like TYR. My senior year of college (1990) TYR reps were at Nationals handing out paper suits. I still have a couple....