Wednesday, July 09, 2008

'ESPN Sports Center Guy' goes after Dara Torres - Makes Gary Hall seem meek!

Pat Forde, is a highly paid, and an opinionated ass for ESPN. Forde has written an article critical of Dara Torres aggressively asserting his opinion that Torres is guilty of doping because her results are so extraordinary. His accusations therein are all conjecture, insults and contain no rational argument whatsoever.

Now, Scott of the Canuck Swimmer wrote critical articles of Dara Torres but in every single article he illustrated and referenced how he arrived at his opinion. This way you could agree or disagree. This ESPN guy doesn't! Instead he just shouts accusations and opinions. Quite frankly, I am astonished that they actually pay this guy?!

Here is a snippet from his rant: "... According to the report, Tygart; [USADA Official], has yet to release any of Torres' results, but she told reporters here at the trials this week that she has been randomly tested "probably about 12 to 15 times since March."

But locking up a stunning fifth Olympic appearance on the Fourth of July by winning the 100-meter freestyle makes me wonder whether too good to be true is the same thing as too good to be clean. ..." [Link]

Note that he didn't end that sentence with a question mark.

You know what? Even Gary Hall trusts Dara Torres!!!


Anonymous said...

Pat Forde's email is Send him your thoughts there...

m said...

Read the piece. I thought it was reasonable. I didn't think it insulted Torres at all. He made legitimate points; points that a great many other people have made.
I, too, want to believe: Too old, though, and I've conned too often, to park critical thinking.

Tony Austin said...

I did read the piece from begining to end and his arguments was that "if other athletes had extraordinary results and denied doping than Dara Torres extraordinary results and her denials mean she is doping too." I don't buy into that logic.

It wasn't reasonable, he supplied no evidence to link extraordinary results with doping.