Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Newsweek': How Dara Does it!

This interview is a bait and switch endeavor. Newsweek throws Dara's name out there with a promise that her secrets will be revealed and instead you get some sports medicine guy who not only offended me as a swimmer with his repetitive injury remark but doesn't even coach Dara Torres. We should send over Richard Abrams or Mike Freshley to go spank him in a game of basketball.

Snippet from the Newsweek article: "... Is swimming easier on the body than other sports? Swimming, there's an enormous amount of repetitive injury. You're not landing like you are as a jogger. But by the same token, they're training so hard. I believe she just had shoulder surgery. The butterfly, which was a good stroke for her, she says, "I can't do it anymore because my shoulder still hurts, but I can still do the freestyle. ..." There is a video of her there too. [Link]

You find me an elite runner who is 60-years-old and you compare them to an elite masters swimmer who is 70-years-old and the masters swimmer will look better, be more flexible and have a better love life.

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