Thursday, October 02, 2008

Alain Bernard thinks very highly of Michael Phelps both as as swimmer and a rival!

Sketchy Babelfish translation from MyFreeSport: "...For you is the American Michael Phelps a model, extraterrestrial or a simple rival?..."

Bernard: "... It is a great model and a rival, even if he is not a direct rival since he does not make the same races as me separately the 4x100 m… With each race, it shows us things which one is not able to imagine. It shows us with a certain facility which can appear disconcerting, a capacity to connect the races and also a diversity in its operating range. It brings much to world swimming. It is necessary that one of serf. It can come on 100 m, me also I will be there. I will not go up on the 400 to defy it, that it is sure (laughter)! ..."



jc said...

Michael Mr. Phelps will bring glory to the 100 of free to the 2009 Rome race the Bernard. When in competition the fast will result to the record in summer. It look forward to the Phelps racing.

Tony Austin said...

Thank you for the English to Babelfish translation for those readers that can only speak Babelfish. ;-)