Thursday, October 02, 2008

French Cinéma: Laure Manaudou protrays a swimmer who has hit rock bottom!

Art imitates both sport and life in a new French movie staring Laure Manaudou titled: "The Coach."

Below is a sketchy Babelfish translation from a European website called: "My Free Sport" with the details.

“It was said to me that you were the best”, the swimmer starts, in prey with the doubts before a return to the competition. “One told me the same thing of you. You just forgot it. I am there to help you to become again that which you were”, answers him a specialist in the mental coaching of the stars of the sport, the policy and finance, incarnated by Richard Berry. It worries: “And if I do not arrive there? ”

The scene, relayed by the Sunday newspaper, is held last on September 15, in the cloakrooms of the Charléty stage. It constitutes the opening of last film of Olivier Doran (the removal, Pur weekend). In “the coach”, Manaudou plays, you will have included/understood it, his own role: a champion with rock bottom. ..."

I hope both the film and Laure Manaudou have a happy ending.


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