Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Commonwealth dominates the 'Ironman' - Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander win the 'Ironman World Championships!'

I gave Chrissie Wellington top billing because her time today of 9:06:23 would have have set a mens world record when I did the race. (Loving that smile and that curly hair.)

From Associated Press: Australia's Craig Alexander rallied Saturday to win the Kailua-Kona Ironman World Championship.

The 35-year-old triathlete from Sydney completed the 140.6-mile endurance test in 8 hours, 17 minutes, 45 seconds.


"I can't believe it. It was a hard race," Alexander said.

Britain's Chrissie Wellington won her second consecutive women's title, finishing in 9:06:23. She overcame a flat tire that cost her 10 minutes on the bike ride. ..." [Link]


Ahelee said...

Great day in the Lava Fields!

The swim times were not very fast...ESPECIALLY considering everyone was in some sort of the new speed suits!

Remember - Madame Pele controls all speeds and nature on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Highlights of the day were really the gorgeous running styles and speed demonstrated by our two World Champions!

And the good sportsmanship of Rebekah Keat on the bike ride...

Tony Austin said...

Cool! Were you there or did you get to see it somehow? Hmm, Just my luck, it was on TV or web and I missed it. >.<

Ahelee said...

Live stream all day long on

Ah Tony... you didn't see it??

Every year now they do this.

If you have the stream going - forum - the local Kona radio station - and the athlete tracking going all at once -

Well then I can tell you from experience it is MUCH more information than what you can get as a spectator hanging out right in Kona!

But I would still rather be IN the race!


Tony Austin said...

Here I am, suppose to be the web ninja pointing people to all sorts of cool links, and I never knew any of that. I'll do better!

Ahelee said...
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