Sunday, October 05, 2008

ErikHockstein and Jenny Cook set USMS records today at the 'SPMA Mission Viejo Short Course Meters Meet!'

SCAQ swimmers Erik Hochstein and Jenny Cook broke USMS records today. Erik Hockstein set a national record in the 400scm IM swimming a 3:48-and-change and Jenny Cook with that "titanium cog" for a heart stormed the 200scm breaststroke swimming it "old school" or flat in the water like Rebecca Soni! I didn't get Jenny's time but it will be posted soon. I am convinced that the breaststroke is an art and not a science.

Also, I saw a world record set by a 95-year-old in the 400 IM. Will I even be alive at that age? Oh, and he looked like he was a 75-year-old guy too. "Freshley's law" still holds true regarding swimmers and aging.

As for me, I did okay: the life guard was able to resuscitate me in just minutes this time without having to call 911. ;-)


joel said...

Details! What did you swim, time and all that. Will you be at UCLA in two weeks?

Tony Austin said...

I swam two events; the 50-fly and the 50-free, and though I won my heat coming from behind, I swam quite poorly. My times were atrocious since I havn't been feeling well. I place third in my age group in both events but since I came late, my name didn't show up in the results. I didn't want to straighten it out since my times were so bad and I was just glad they let me swim. I hate being trouble for people especially hen I screw up.

I am swimming at UCLA, Santa Clarita and Championships at Belmont. I also plan on getting real healthy for for all those events.

Scott said...

Erik Hochstein's 400 IM is a seriously fast time. Here I was mistakenly thinking he just swam freestyle. Just goes to show that in swimming there are a few that have it all while the rest of us have to fight over scraps.