Friday, October 17, 2008

Inner city youth gives an enthusiastic play-by-play of Jason Lezak's victory in his 4x100 relay leg!

Amit sent me this You Tube link and I post it to illustrate that Jason's Lezak historic 4x100 relay leg had far reaching consequences including touching the hearts and minds in a community that needs more pools and more swimmers.

So, visualize Jason Lezak touching the wall as you hear this quote by our friend, ninjawarriordex4, at YouTube say: "Hasta Lasagna, I got my Eyes on YA!!"


Anonymous said...

What is it that identifies him as inner city exactly? Skin color and a hoodie?

Anonymous said...

What is it exactly that identifies him as "inner city"? Skin color and a hoodie?

Tony Austin said...

point well taken