Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiter, I'll have what he is having but make it a double!

Gisele Bündchen's "water dress!" It took me two days to get this video up but it is worth the view. Found originally at who linked to [Link]

credits: client: mattoni karlovarksé minerální vody, a.s.
agency: mpg srl., italy
creative director: dario mondonico
copywriter: antonio pinter

production: cow & boys, italy
producer: fred turchetti, stefano patrizzi & carlo giudice
direcotr: matthias zentner
dop: torsten lippstock

post: velvet
editor: jochen kraus
producer: julian büchner & gustaf richter
vfx: black mountain studios
vfx supervisor: andreas illenseer
td´s: daniel stern & abdelkareem abonamus
artists: enrico seiler, stephan habel, christian mumba, tobias ott, adam wasierski & nico conte
music: eartha kitt
service production : czech connection


Joel said...

I want that car! But I'm sure you already guessed I'd be saying that! I know French cars aren't as cool as my Italian babies but it's still a nice design.

Tony Austin said...

The Italians are really good at design, the Japanese at engineering and though the Germans equal them in engineering, they fuck everything with lots of electronics and computers! My frustration her with European cars.

The ultimate car is designed in California, engineered in Germany, the electronics done in Japan, the interior in Italy!

AI said...

that was cool!

Gisele is hot.

Tony Austin said...

Gosh Ai, It is astonishing how articulate you and we straight men get when a beautiful woman walks in the room.

Tony Austin said...

Forgot the winkie' ;-)

Ahelee said...

My new Halloween costume!

Good to see you at the UCLA meet Tony - gotta layout that butterfly a I can talk!
We will both swim faster later in the season.
Glad you are feeling better!

Tony Austin said...

LOL thank you I am very flattered. You're butterfly is beautiful and you are are an inspiring coach.