Monday, October 20, 2008

Stefan Nystrand: "...46 seconds in an Olympic pool is coming fast."

Nicole Jeffrey has an article in The Australian about sprinter Stefan Nystrand and his thoughts about the upcoming FINA World Cup meet this weekend in Sydney, Australia.

Here is a snippet: "...The world short-course record-holder, who arrived in Sydney yesterday to contest next weekend's World Cup meet, predicted that every leading sprinter would be eyeing off the 47-second barrier after Australia's Eamon Sullivan clocked a sensational 47.05sec in an Olympic semi-final in Beijing.

"It's very close (to 47 seconds) already," Nystrand said.

"Men's freestyle sprinting is going down a lot now and it wouldn't surprise me if it kept going down, but you have to swim and accept the fact that times go down and go with the flow. ..." [Link]

This time last year Nystrand was king of the hill, the only man to clock a sub-48 second time (47.91sec) in 2007. The Swede also set an outstanding short-course world record of 45.83sec. ..."

(See You Tube above of Nystrand swimming a 45.83 100SCM.)

You can watch him swim for free by going to the Universal Sports website. Click the banner below to see it.


Trevor Algatt said...

More straight-arm recovery... and pull. I don't think I saw him bend his elbows once! One heck of a kick going, though.

Tony Austin said...

I know, it's mind blowing. At first one would think he were a shaved orangutan since it would take that much strength to pull it off a stroke like that. Intimidating to say the least.