Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on Columbia University's policy that you must know how to swim before graduation

Thanks to Chris B. who sent me the actual requirement in writing at the Columbia.edu site: "...All students are also required to pass a swimming test or take beginning swimming for one term to fulfill the swimming requirement. Students may not register for more than one section of physical education each term. Students who fulfill the attendance participation requirements for the course will pass the course. ..." [Link]

He also searched up the You Tube above of actual students learning how to swim at Columbia for the first time.

The moral of the story: send your kids to Columbia University!


Jenny Davidson said...

I teach at Columbia - this seems to me good advice! Alas, I feel that the adult learn to swim students are possibly more enthusiastic about the school's swimming program than the undergraduates - and I have certainly over the last few years had one or two very annoying evening lane swim experiences with hundreds of students lined up to try and pass the test shortly before graduation!

Tony Austin said...

I am extraordinarily "buzzed" by the fact that a college actually wants to make "finished" young adults. i.e. Strong bodies and strong minds.

Ahelee said...

Anyone else get a little choked up watching this video?

Nice job Coach Eric Scheingoltz!

Doesn't Columbia have a masters swim team for the more hardcore swimmers who are not on the college team?

The key to encouraging adults to swim more for fitness, is teaching them to share lanes set up in order of fast to "cruiser" pace - and to swim in a circle.
This way, even a smaller pool space or a few lanes can be well utilized.

Hope to see more of this activity!

Jenny Davidson said...

Columbia no longer has its own masters program, but the excellent Team New York Aquatics now has three practices a week in the Columbia pool for masters swimmers.

Tony: Yes! And most of my students do not really take advantage, but some do - and discover things like rock-climbing or swimming or running that they absolutely love!

Chris Beach said...

Jenny - I think you need to get the CU teaching staff mobilized to support the building of a new 50 meter pool so there will be more room!