Saturday, October 04, 2008

Underwater Photographer and filmaker, Zena Holloway, has updated her site!

Zena Holloway is a photographer/cinematographer with an impressive client list. Her clients include such notable publishing and consumer product icons as Nike, National Geographic, Sony, Umbro, and more. She has updated her website which opens up with some underwater models filmed in slo-mo. [Link]

Imagine what Glenn Mills could do with a budget like hers: Black screens behind the swimmers, cable rigs, 1200w Cinespace lights, I wonder what a budget for a shoot like that would cost? My guess $10,000 a day just for rentals, setup and a good gaffer.

Oh the possibilities!


Glenn said...

Are you saying that you don't think I have a $10,000/day budget? Why... when I filmed this weeks drill, I stuffed the camera in my swim bag, and had one of the kids I'd been working with do a drill we've been using to fix part of his freestyle.

I think I'm going to charge him $10,000 for the opportunity to star in the drill. :)

That artists work is beautiful... mine is informational. I am thinking of adding some flowing drag suits to my guys though. However, I'm not sure the guys I work with at Navy will wear them willingly.

Tony Austin said...

LOL, I laughed out loud and I am still smiling. What's a good drill for late breathers like myself, I will link to it if you have one. :-)

f1 said...

great photos! i'm impressed