Monday, November 24, 2008

Gold Medal Mel talks up the obvious potential of a pro-circuit much like the 'FINA World Cup!'

From Gold Medal "...Coming off of Golden Goggles less than a week ago, I'm left with one nagging topic: US World-Class swimmers want a fall pro-circuit, one like FINA's World Cup. It was talked about a lot, or was the subtext of most conversations. It makes sense. Once an Olympics is over and swimmers face 4 long years before another big show, they wonder what they really have to look forward to...

Interestingly, I've been trading emails with Peter Marshall. Peter didn't make the 2008 US Olympic Swim Team, but this fall at the FINA WORLD CUP he broke two world records in the 50 and 100 short course meters backstroke. Later this week I'll interview him about some related subjects; pro-swimming, a US fall pro-circuit, not retiring because there's more to swimming than making the Olympic Team... Peter, who had planned to retire after this fall, may have changed his mind after his blisteringly fast backstroke swims abroad... I'm sure if Peter continues swimming, his sights will be set on the next Olympics. However, what does it mean to him, to be successful, a world record holder, a world swimming star, beyond the Olympics????..." [Link]

To pay for such a circuit, they should allow people to bet on it like they do with cycling or Keirin racing in Japan!


John Craig said...

One of the more interesting aspects to Peter's records is how little training he did right before them. Just one more little bit of evidence that a lot of swimmers, especially sprinters, are normally overtrained.

Tony Austin said...

I agree